Who We Are

Owner: Brad Williams

Brad Williams entered the tobacco business in 1975 when he and his father, Fred Williams, opened The Tobacco Leaf in Columbus, GA. After working in several locations throughout the southeast, he reconnected with his dad at F&M Cigars in Phenix City in 2013. Two years later, in 2015, Brad took ownership of F&M Cigars. Brad set about moving the direction of cigar brands the shop stocked to include not only older established names, but also many of the best boutique brands that were gaining interest as the cigar smoker continued to evolve his and her tastes. Other upgrades Brad is responsible for include, updating the smoking lounge that is right next door to the shop, adding a point-of-sale system, and providing additional cigar related accessories to the items available for sale.




Certified Retail Tobacconist: Nelson Hines

I began working at F & M Cigars in 2012 with Fred Williams from retiree status. In a former adult life, I have become defined by over 22 years combined service in the Marine Corps and the Navy, with university between the two. University instilled a great love of literature where I discoverered well-turned metaphors can be insightful as the ocean deep. Subsequently, I came to the discovery of the efficacy of F & M Cigars, where I came to learn cigars enhance insight. A cigar, like great writing, is a source for calming metaphorical thought. Consider what Herman Melville wrote in Moby Dick (1851):"For all this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by the horrors of the half known life." Having contemplated this quote under cigar smoke, I can state a cigar is like Tahiti. So come to our lounge, buy cigars, as not to continue living a half known life and sail away.





Certified Retail Tobacconist: Keith Brick 

Keith Brick has been enjoying cigars since 1995. What started as a pleasant occassional way to relax quickly turned into a hobby and a passion. Keith became immersed in the cigar industry, trying new brands as they became available, and always asking questions and getting out to cigar events to meet the people behind the scenes. As the years passed, Keith's obsession for cigars grew and his personal inventory at one point could have compared to what you would find in a kiosk at the mall. In 2019, Keith was given the opportunity to join the team at F&M Cigars. That same year, Keith enrolled, attended, and graduated from  Tobacconist University as a Certified Retail Tobacconist. Keith has been handling the ordering and he is also an intregal party in choosing what cigars will get the retail space for marketing. Keith still takes time to sample cigars from all over the world, and when he comes across a brand or a new line within a brand, he shares a marketing plan with Brad to add them to the inventory. 

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